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Dorier Group's mission is to design event-based audiovisual experiences that create a real connection with the public. Combining technology, design and content creation, their teams combine top-notch expertise with a vast digital inventory to support on-premises, remote or hybrid productions.

Content creation





Dorier Group's request was simple: a stratospheric site that sends its visitors directly to the moon. The request was taken literally. To represent the immersive aspect of their events, we have built a powerful visual storytelling. The user experiences a realistic intergalactic journey while browsing the website. A result that reflects the quality of their works and the experiences they create.


The association of two swiss agencies – TWKS for design and Wow for technical aspects – offers comprehensive expertise. It was a real challenge where artistic directors, web designers and developers worked hand in hand to create a unique immersive experience. The latest frontend technologies were used to realize the most innovative ideas: motion, parallax, custom transitions and animations. Combining ingenuity and creativity, the fluidity of the user experience was the main priority on all devices and screen sizes. A journey into another dimension with many surprises along the way!

Geek culture references

Plenty of geek culture references including Star Wars transitions and blurred scans; the marble in Men in Black 1 where we see our universe reduced to a microscopic sphere with which the aliens play; backgrounds inspired by the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey with technical graphic elements.

My mission was to position Dorier as audiovisual experience designers. Now the experience starts the first time you visit our website!

L.C. – Marketing & Communication Manager Dorier Group