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Explore festival 2022


Created in 2016 by the Department of the Territory and the Office of Urban Planning, the EXPLORE festival brings the population together around the common challenge of the "city of tomorrow". The festival aspires to become a vehicle for citizen participation, a place to collectively experiment and exchange ideas.

Content creation





Increase awareness of EXPLORE within the Canton of Geneva and beyond by promoting citizen participation to make Geneva into "the city of tomorrow": a sustainable place to live and an example of international urban transition.

A global communication ecosystem

In collaboration with Maison Wahren, TWKS has developed a comprehensive communication ecosystem that includes website redesign, social media, a street signage campaign, public transport advertisements, printed promotional material and signage. The global campaign enabled the festival to reach more than 375,000 people during its 4th edition.

Visual identity under construction

Inclusive, collaborative and constantly evolving, this vision of the city of tomorrow is behind the visual identity of EXPLORE. It aims to address everyone, but also to challenge and encourage questioning and debate. The advertising campaign directly invites the public to participate in the project with humorous questions: "Level the Salève? " and "A cable car on La Rade?" ». The idea was to encourage citizen participation in an uninhibited way. Because with EXPLORE, everyone's ideas are welcome. TWKS and Maison Wahren also collaborated with a Geneva-based production team to create three "absurd video clips", each offering a humorous look at the work of architects and planners and their role in the city's future.