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Holyweed project by TWKS


Founded in 2017, the Holyweed brand is the market leader in CBD, over-the-counter cannabis. The philosophy of this Swiss company - which TWKS has supported since its inception - is as follows: wholly natural, artisanal and responsible production.

Content creation



2018, 2019, 2020

The mandate

Positioning – TWKS was mandated to create the brand's visual identity and ensure the artistic direction of its campaigns. Logo, branding, packaging, digital communication, etc.


Lifestyle – To offer a brand image that simultaneously encapsulates the pioneering spirit of a healthy and high quality product, concern for organic and responsible agriculture, while also positioning Holyweed as the main reference point for legal cannabis within a very competitive market. To associate the image of Holyweed with a real lifestyle, beyond its high quality CBD products.


Perpetual movement – The visual identity created for Holyweed represents a form of minimalism with a strong identity. It is easily identifiable and recognisable, and refers to a universe that is both pure and top of the range. This universe is evolving, just like the brand, and TWKS has been monitoring it since the creation of Holyweed, including new products, new ranges, points of sale, multimedia ranges, etc.