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Carac TV

Switzerland's entertainment TV leader is reinventing itself. Media One Contact has created Carac, a channel that doesn't mince words, knows how to use humor without taboos, and proudly proclaims that it offers the best programs compared to streaming platforms, all for free, of course! The good news is that we are all subscribed.


Media One Contact


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Campagne d'affichage pour Carac TV
Visuels pour réseaux sociaux pour Carac TV


Goodbye Netflix, Prime, and OCS! The goal is to establish the leader in swiss entertainment in the streaming platform world by playing with the communication strategies used by the industry.

Campagne d'affichage pour Carac TV
Campagne d'affichage pour Carac TV

A big thank you to twks for their creativity and quick execution within a very tight deadline. It's a true testament to character for an equally bold campaign.

Elliot Marchal
Head of TV division, MediaOneContact
Campagne d'affichage pour Carac TV
Annonce presse pour Carac TV


A project by
Creative Director
Alexandre Pugin
Managing Director
Raphaël Pasquali
Strategic Planner
Claude-Anne Schumacher
Art Director
Anaël Bouglé
Julien Donez
Digital Strategic Planner
Sédona Theillaud
Account Manager
Yasmine Ahamed
Head of Design & motion
Lafko Heufemann
Designer & Motion
Nicolas Calame
Thomas Kauffman