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Favre+Guth, with over a million square meters built or renovated, has shaped the Geneva landscape. Pioneers in the use of new 3D technologies in architecture, it was essential to immerse them in a "phygital" world, from publishing to social media.




  • Digital Campaign
  • Brand Platform
  • Editorial Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media
  • Digital Experience
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Typographie utilisée pour l'identité graphique de Favre&Guth
Openspace des bureau de Favre&Guth

From pixel to the first stone

Inspired by the digitalization of architecture, we've built a "phygital" visual identity that conveys the transition from architectural software design to the realization of a building. Featuring bugs, augmented reality, glitch effects, runaway pixels, and a minimalist color palette, the brand is a constant interplay between the real world and the digital realm. Our playground has become a space where augmented reality and print merge to create a distinctive brand experience.

Couverture du magasine Favre&Guth n°2
Photographie du magasine Favre&Guth n°1

twks is a truely creative agency with innovative and efficient solution. A big thank's for the quality of our collaboration!

Daniel Margari
Associate Director since 2015
Magasine Favre&Guth n°2 dans une caisse
Magasine Favre&Guth n°1 ouvert


A project by
Creative Director
Alexandre Pugin
Managing Director
Raphaël Pasquali
Strategic Planner
Tatia Yasandikusuma
Claude-Anne Schumacher
Art Director
Anaël Bouglé
Digital Account Manager
Yannick Moritz
Daria Zagurskaya
Account Manager
Yasmine Ahamed
Head of Design & motion
Lafko Heufemann
Designer & Motion
Nicolas Calame
Thomas Kauffman
Florian Moix