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A simple click can have life or death consequences for civilians in conflict zones. To raise awareness among the public and our policymakers about these digital risks, we have created the Digital Dilemmas campaign: an immersive and interactive experience in Geneva and New York to alert people to the digital challenges during humanitarian crises.




  • Digital and physical experience
  • Exhibition
  • 360 Campaign
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Alain Berset à New York lors de l'inauguration de l'événement Digital Dilemmas

An international reach

On the occasion of Switzerland's presidential year at the United Nations Security Council, we seized the opportunity to deploy an interactive and immersive experience at the UN headquarters in New York, welcoming 75 world leaders and urging them to take concrete actions to protect civilians in times of war.

Panneaux publicitaire pour l'évènement Digital Dilemmas à New York
Salle de conférence présentant le projet Digital Dilemmas

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 33th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, we recommend twks without hesitation and hope they will have the opportunity to collaborate with you and so exceed your expectations as they have surpassed ours.

Philippe Stoll
Head of Research in Humanitarian Communication, IRCR
Écran d'interaction lors de l'événement Digital Dilemmas
Panneaux publicitaire pour l'évènement Digital Dilemmas à New York


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Alexandre Pugin
Managing Director
Raphaël Pasquali
Strategic Planner
Tatia Yasandikusuma
Art Director
Anaël Bouglé
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Yannick Moritz
Daria Zagurskaya
Account Manager
Tatia Yasandikusuma
Head of Design & motion
Lafko Heufemann
Designer & Motion
Florian Moix
Thomas Kauffman
Video Production
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