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Service de la Police Municipale

Working within the municipal police of Geneva is a profoundly human profession. However, since very few people are aware of this, few aspire to be a part of it. To inspire the people of Geneva to apply, we needed to change their perception. We created "Police Needs Your Skills," a recruitment campaign highlighting unexpected yet essential human qualities for this profession. Behind every officer, there's a talkative person, a determined individual, a perfectionist, a human being, in summary, who could be you.


Service de la Police Municipale – Ville de Genève


  • Advertising
  • 360 Campaign
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Production
  • Brand Platform
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Affiches F4 côte-à-côte de la campagne de recrutement de la police municipale

Global Campaign

Starting with the creation of the brand platform "Municipal Police, People Like You", we established a comprehensive campaign ecosystem. From billboards to digital activations, and brand content on social media, all meticulously orchestrated to redirect interested individuals to a recruitment website specially designed to simplify the application process and ensure complete inclusion, without exception.

This campaign has improved the perception and image of municipal police officers among the public and future candidates!

Marketing & Communication Manager — Police municipale de Genève
Affiche F4 de la campagne de recrutement de la police municipale en ville de Genève sur une colonne morris
Affiche F12 de la campagne de recrutement de la police municipale en ville de Genève


A project by
Creative Director
Alexandre Pugin
Managing Director
Raphaël Pasquali
Strategic Planner
Claude-Anne Schumacher
Art Director
Anaël Bouglé
Digital Account Manager
Sédona Theillaud
Account Manager
Yasmine Ahamed
Head of Design
Lafko Heufemann
Designer & Motion
Nicolas Calame
Thomas Kauffman