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Geneva Camerata

Who said that classical music was elitist and boring? For the past 10 years, Geneva Camerata, an innovative and eclectic orchestra, has been pushing the boundaries of the genre. They changed how classic sounds, we changed how classic looks. Embracing street culture, creating a visual universe to attract the new generation, and infusing a fresh visual energy into the classical scene.


Geneva Camerata


  • Brand Identity
  • 360 Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Production
  • Sound branding
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Visual Revolution

A new identity that draws inspiration from movement, music, and vitality. One that embodies this bold outdoor music revolution, with a powerful sonic branding and mesmerizing digital content. Bold choices are made with impactful variable typography, an electric color palette, and illustrations deeply rooted in street culture, as envisioned by the street artist Ian Macarthur.

Trois affiches de saison pour les 10 ans de Geneva Camerata
Affiche du concert Revolta de Geneva Camerata dans une gare

From Geneva to New York

A viral impact that resonates from Switzerland to New York across all media channels.

Assets pour les réseaux sociaux de Geneva Camerata

The Geneva Camerata is a model of innovation. You may love a program or find it contrived but these intrepid players are showing what classical musicians are capable of — and inventing ways to make the great works of the past “alive today”

David Greilsammer
Musical and art director
Merchandising pour Geneva Camerata
Drapeau publicitaire pour l'ouverture de saison des 10 ans de Geneva Camerata
Bracelet de concert Geneva Camerata
Totebag blanc Geneva Camerata
Patch brodé Geneva Camerata


The press, particularly The New York Times, has lauded this revolution in the world of classical music: "GECA has rewritten the rules in the world of classical music." This new identity has shattered barriers and demystified classical music, turning their concerts into mainstream events. The audience has never been this young, and tickets have never sold this rapidly.


A project by
Creative Director
Alexandre Pugin
Managing Director
Raphaël Pasquali
Strategic Planner
Claude-Anne Schumacher
Art Director
Anaël Bouglé
Digital Strategic Planner
Sédona Théillaud
Account Manager
Yasmine Ahamed
Head of Design
Lafko Heufemann
Designer & Motion
Nicolas Calame
Thomas Kauffman
Ian Macarthur