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Based in Switzerland, Coral Studio (ex Cent Degrés Suisse) is a local creative office active in architecture, design and communication.

Content creation

Coral Studio




Cent Degrés Suisse has dissociated itself from the international group to become Coral Studio. The company was looking for a communications partner with digital thinking DNA and to develop all their digital ecosystem. The challenge for TWKS was to communicate on a new brand while ensuring a soft transition with their current customers.

Brand identity

TWKS has created a dynamic visual identity, alive according to its support and which adapt to all the domaines which Coral Studio operates: architecture, design and communication.

Coral Studio Project by TWKS
Coral Studio Project by TWKS

Creation of a contemporary, interactive and playful website. Resolutely customer-oriented, the site present the achievements in an attractive way and is equipped with a system of personalized offers. TWKS carried out the design with the objective of providing an engaging, guiding and responsive experience for users of the Coral Studio website.

Digital activation

To announce the new brand, TWKS supported Coral Studio by developing a digital strategy and creating digital assets for their social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Well done to the whole TWKS team for a very qualitative work which is achieve within a tight deadline. We are very proud and happy with the result!

Albert Schrurs

Founder and CEO of Coral Studio