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Every year, the Cantonal Tax Administration (CTA) ought to respond to the challenge of informing and raising awareness among young people aged 18 to 25 about their tax obligations and the role and benefits of taxes.

Content creation

Cantonal Tax Administration



"My taxes? I’m in charge!"

Raise awareness among young citizens about their tax obligations and encourage them to complete their tax returns while strengthening the image of the CTA as an open, modern and dynamic institution that listens to young taxpayers.

Global ecosystem

TWKS has developed a global communication ecosystem including a dedicated landing page, a social media campaign, print materials, as well as playful video clips created in collaboration with local comedian Bruno Peki.

Thought out strategically, it empowered the CTA to cover its main target audience and encourage 10k+ young people aged 18 to 25 to visit the landing page while raising awareness among those under 18 about their future tax obligations.

Dynamic and playful campaign universe

The campaign dynamic identity featuring bright colors and impactful slogans was designed to speak directly to young audiences and capture their attention.

To enhance the attractiveness of the campaign for its target, TWKS collaborated with the local comedian Bruno Peki popular among young people. In two video clips, he guided them through the steps of the tax return and deconstructed the misunderstandings and fears surrounding this administrative process.

Social media

Social media are at the heart of the strategy developed for the CTA. They generated 283k+ impressions and reached 44k+ young people during the two-month campaign. Playful and engaging, all organic and sponsored content aims to appeal to young audiences and encourage them to learn about the subject and fulfill their tax obligations.

Visibility at cantonal and national level

The campaign not only allowed the CTA to reach young taxpayers but also aroused the interest of the cantonal and national media and generated coverage in the Tribune de Genève, the RTS, 20 Minutes, Radio Lac, and a news flash on Couleur 3.

We appreciated TWKS open-mindedness, their ability to question themselves and to put forward strategic solutions to our challenges.

Charlotte Climonet

General Director of the Cantonal tax administration of Geneva