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Prêt-a-porter photoshoot for Drake Store by TWKS


Since 1964, Drake Store has been a reference for high-end prêt-à-porter and accessories. The promise of Drake Store: an exclusive selection of items, now available on- and offline. For this project, TWKS developed a strategy and assets that would offer the brand a digital ecosystem worthy of its image.

Content Creation

Drake Store



Digital Ecosystem

How can a physical store pursue its development in terms of brand awareness and sales? The answer is as simple as it is ambitious. Drake Store conferred TWKS with the responsibility for developing a digital ecosystem around its brand. Below are the assets conceived and developed throughout this collaboration.


Drake Store asked TWKS to conceive and develop its first e-shop, the core of its digital ecosystem. The product-centered user interface (UI) of the website utilizes the graphical charter unique to Drake Store, while its user experience (UX) allows for smooth and fluid navigation.

Drake Store photoshoot by TWKS
Urban Universe

TWKS imagined a photoshoot blending pack shots and editorial images for Drake Store. Prominently featured on the store's e-shop and social media channels, they contribute to further engaging the already active community around its brand.

Drake Store products

The agency was responsible for developing the various aforementioned assets composing Drake Store’s digital ecosystem, including the e-shop and content creation for organic and paid social media. Few months after the e-shop launch, its performance indicators already seem promising. TWKS looks forward to pursuing this collaboration.