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La Bâtie


Our collaboration continues for a second edition with La Bâtie-Festival 2022. At the crossroads of artistic practices, each year the multidisciplinary event offers the public a month of eclectic programming of cultural trends to discover as many visions of the world as the talents presented. The promise of shared emotions through dance, theatre, music or performance.

Content creation

La Bâtie



Campaign Concept

Our concept has been designed around three central elements. Firstly, movement, which represents the artistic performance of each discipline represented. Rehearsal, to evoke the world of the stage, of the living arts, and to portray pleasure and rigor. Then the floral motif, to signify summer and warmth, but also renewal for this liberating post-pandemic edition. In order to bring these elements together visually in a coherent and impactful way, TWKS has chosen two strong colours. The combination of blue and red creates an optical vibration that transports and projects the viewer directly into the exciting world of the Bâtie-Festival.