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La Bâtie-Festival of Geneva


This year, the 45th edition of La Bâtie-Festival of Geneva brought together 24 500 festival-goers. Through this project, we were honored to play a role in the renewal of the local cultural life and in the festival itself.

Content Creation

La Bâtie-Festival of Geneva




From the color palette to typography and photoshoots, the creative direction behind the 45th edition of La Bâtie aims to break the pre-established codes. Furthermore, it evokes emotion. What is the meaning of the « B » at the center of the poster ? It refers to the title of La Bâtie while embracing wider social themes. In VR or IRL, feel free to interpret the shape and sound of this new cultural language centered around live and inclusion...


Throughout the duration of La Bâtie-Festival, its website serves as a hub of information on this year's programming. But beyond that, it is also a singular and appealing display commemorating the event. Now over, the 45th edition of La Bâtie-Festival has accomplished its objective — to satisfy a public yearning to regain their freedom, both cultural and intimate.

Phygital campaign

Created to be seen in the streets and on screen, the visual assets developed by TWKS — including print materials, program brochures, VR filters, social media graphics and website — awaken curiosity. The neon green featured across La Bâtie-Festival promotional materials represents opposed, ambiguous values, further intensifying the electrifying undertone of the event. This year, TWKS delivers an inclusive and romantic 360 communication campaign that pays contemporary tribute to Robert Doisneau’s famous « Kiss by the Town Hall » photograph.