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PBM Attorney-at-Law by TWKS


Based in Geneva and Lausanne, PBM Attorneys-at-law is an innovative firm. A boutique law firm which is committed to providing pragmatic, personalized and quality solutions in legal matters.

Content creation

PBM Attorney-at-Law



PBM Attorney-at-Law by TWKS

The goal for PBM Attorneys-at-law was to propose a rebranding of the brand while maintaining its original values. In this perspective, TWKS carried out the design of their website, the office branding, the artistic direction of the shooting of the employees and the office as well as the creation of assets for their social networks.

Brand Identity

TWKS has created a logo that evolves and interacts according to its environment and its support. The letter B was thought to be moving symbolizing the link between the client and the justice system. Like the lawyer, communicating between the two parties.


Create a website that transcribes the dynamism and energy of the study while facilitating the accessibility of the legal solutions proposed. TWKS designed the design to create an experience and allow the user to quickly find the information they are looking for.

PBM Attorney-at-Law by TWKS
Content Creation

The artistic direction was also taken care of by TWKS, in particular for the shots of the collaborators and the offices of PBM Attorneys-at-law. The photos were taken by Niels Ackermann.

Mission accomplished. TWKS has brought a new dimension to our brand image. Resolutely visionary and creative, TWKS has been able to transcribe and materialize our ideas and our deepest desires.

Hassan Barbir

Managing Partner - PBM Attorney-at-Law