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Confédération Suisse projet by TWKS


Swiss Confederation - Federal Office for Civil Protection. Civil Protection serves the community, the cantons and municipalities; and it serves to control the consequences of disasters and manage emergencies.

Content creation

Swiss Confederation


2018 - 2020


Create static and animated pictograms to inform the public about the behavior to adopt in case of disaster or emergency, via the app "ALERTSWISS". To download it, click here !


For the created pictograms, that explain which behavior to adopt in a very specific and often complex scenario, we have designed the simplest in each case. We also wanted to make this administrative language as Swiss as possible and we deliberated on a "Swiss-made" design, in reference to Switzerland's reputation in the field of iconic design. A sleek design, maximally simplified, that ultimately has a specific aesthetic.


Black and white, the simplest possible, straight to the point. This was - in summary - our specifications. To make the pictogram, this drawing that acts as a visual stimulus, understandable regardless of the language of the target audience, we worked on the concept of immediate and universal perception, proposing a design that is easily intelligible and, consequently, purely informative.


We drew about fifty static and animated pictograms, first referring to the ISO standards issued in the field. We have produced a new graphic chart, supported by codified graphic construction principles as well as a glossary.