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théâtre forum meyrin


A cultural landmark in Geneva, the Théâtre Forum Meyrin (TFM) offers shows and audiovisual experiences (theatre, dance, music and circus). Known for its sophisticated programming, the TFM has welcomed many renowned artists, and put TWKS in the spotlight.

Content creation

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


Théâtre Forum Meyrin

The mandate

Storytelling – Create the theatre's visual identity and produce the institutional and promotional communication tools from A to Z. Offer animated content for publication on social media. Conceive and manage the digital communication strategy.


Animation – TWKS created a ‘living logo’: an identity which visually restores the notion of movement linked to the performing arts (theatre, dance, circus and music). In concrete terms, an animated display grid shows the logo, in nine boxes which simultaneously and randomly display ‘T’, ‘F’ and ‘M’.

This identity was then adapted on the same principle for other media like posters, programmes, leaflets and any other type of promotional or advertising material.

TWKS also manages TFM's Instagram page, similarly designed around the idea of movement. To ensure the visibility of each event, different animations are posted regularly. They depict the social and human dimension of theatre activities in particular.

TWKS, c’est l’excellence! TWKS, c’est la créativité! TWKS, c’est un vrai compagnonnage! Polyvalence, rigueur, écoute sont des maîtres-mots ici. Saison après saison, ils nous accompagnent, nous soutiennent. Formidables forces de propositions, ils réinventent et optimisent notre communication avec cette rare capacité d’emmener là où l’on n’aurait jamais imaginé s’aventurer. TWKS, c’est un bonheur inaltéré dans la collaboration! Depuis 6 ans déjà…

Ushanga ELEBE

Responsable communication, accueil et développement des publics